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new work started on site

New work started on site and it will be up and running soon watch this space

Jaguars are Hatching

Pure coastal Jaguars are now hatched and there are some real stunners, we believe these to be the only pure coastal jaguars to be produce this year in the UK.  pics will be posted soon,


Corn Morphs/Hybrids

Corns have started to lay eggs; so far we have Creamsicle eggs in the incubator and due to lay in the next 2 weeks are:

Caramel x Amel Stripe

Amel x Amel Stripe

Normal Het Anery/Amel x Anery

There are more being mated at present and the list will be updated next month.

Gravid Coastals

We have two Coastal Carpet Pythons that are due to lay there eggs within the next few weeks. Both have been Bred to our High Contrast Jaguar Produced by Paul Harris so we are expecting some stunning Jaguars along with some real beautiful pure Coastal Sibs.

Children's Python Gravid

we are now 100% sure our Children's Python is gravid eggs should be layed around the end of march and due to hatch mid to end of may. so fingers crossed all goes well for her, if so hatchling will be availible from the end of june.

Breeding Season

Breeding Season is well under way and we have witnessed plenty of copulations so we are hoping for a good year.  This year we hope to be able to offer at least Burmese, Reticulated, Reduced West Papuans, Children's Pythons, Jaguar carpets of different types and % plus sibs and corn morphs plus hets. If there is anything you are interrested in please let us know.

Hatcling should start to become availible from the end of may onwards

allways check back as we do have others for sell from time to time.

About Us

We are a small family group for snake lovers based in Plymouth, England.  From time to time we breed our snakes and therefore have some available for sale.  We want this site to be informative and interesting to reptile lovers out there, so if there’s anything you would like to see on the site please let us know and we will do our best.